Will Drinking Tea Help Control the Urge to Smoke?

The effects of smoking cigarettes on the body can lead to many different health issues. Some of these include damage to the digestive system, deterioration to the bones and skin, heart problems, lung and throat cancer, as well as many more problems which damage the body. Giving up this habit can be very frustrating since both the body and mind seem to be fighting against it.

Green tea has a large quantity of anti-oxidants which can possibly help rebuild the lungs after a smoker gives up the cigarette habit. It also helps produce a feeling of relaxation which some people claim is the reason that they smoke. Consuming this tea should help build up the immune system, which will increase overall health. As more people are looking for ways to boost their immunity, especially during the current pandemic, a switch to consuming green tea can be very beneficial.

Many people still have a challenge giving up smoking since it has been with them most of their life. A healthier option is to smoke green tea cigarettes. It is still not as healthy as giving up cigarettes yet some people do report certain health benefits.

A lot of people report a lowering of anxiety when they smoke green tea, while some even compare it to marijuana. It also can give a boost of energy due to the natural effects of caffeine. Do not take up smoking tea due to claimed health benefits, drinking it is much safer. This I consider an option only to replace cigarettes if it isn’t possible to quit.

Hypnosis, yoga, meditation, hobbies, and other ways are also available for those who have a challenge giving up smoking. Always look for a safer alternative, These methods are generally considered safe without any side-effects. Many herbal teas also have a calming effect which people can use in a world full of stress.

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