The Green Revolution: Green Tea as a Natural Remedy for Cellulite?

Green tea is generally known as a wonder plant due to the various health benefits it can offer. It has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that reinforces the immune system. The active organic ingredients found in green tea that contribute to these unique functions are theophylline, theobromine, polyphenol, caffeine, and other composite compounds.

Green tea is produced from the same tea leaves that make up black tea. Fermentation of the tea leaves will create black tea, while the leaves unfermented form generates green tea. The leaves of the green tea plant are picked and the process of steaming is applied, after which it is dried up. The natural green shade of the finished product is retained, thus name green tea.

For thousands of years, green tea has been generally consumed as a beverage. It is only during the past recent years that scientists have focused their research in actively using green tea to get rid of cellulite. Aside from being a natural remedy for cellulite, the antibacterial and anti-oxidative compounds present in green tea also protect the skin from the harmful UVb rays and cancer.

These essential compounds reinforce the immune system so the body becomes less susceptible to diseases. Green tea can also combat carcinogens and cholesterol.

The consumption of green tea likewise reduces blood pressure. Among the benefits that can be derived from green tea is the ability to keep the skin healthy. Studies have shown that drinking green tea can be a natural remedy for cellulite. But, the big question is:

Does green tea and green tea extracts help to rid the body of cellulite?

Theobromine, one of the active components of green tea can penetrate deep into the skin to the subcutaneous fat tissue, and help the body to naturally release toxins and fat stored in the hallow pockets of the cell.

Green tea also contains caffeine. Caffeine, when ingested, is a diuretic. When taken in, caffeine encourages water retention making the fat cell cling to whatever amount of water is left in the body. This action amplifies the puffiness of cellulite.

To get rid of cellulite with the utilization of green tea extracts, applying it directly on the skin is the best method. There is a caffeine external cellulite treatment in the form of body scrubs and topical creams which helps draw excess water out from the body due to its unique absorption characteristic.

Take note however that green tea alone will not get rid of cellulite. It has to be formulated along with caffeine and other known anti-cellulite ingredients in the form of creams, pastes, and lotions to be an effective cellulite treatment.

Green tea will heighten the effectiveness of it accompanying components. The other anti-cellulite ingredients, may help activate the healing power of each of green teas organic molecules.

To enjoy the long-term benefits of any cellulite treatment, including the utilization of green tea extracts, exercise and a change of diet should be involved. Immediate results do not appear and it takes perseverance and determination to stay motivated.

Consider that the results of any cellulite treatment are dependent on the area targeted and the extent of cellulite that needs to be removed. Green tea is not only a natural remedy for cellulite, it also promotes overall physical wellness. Begin your quest for great looking skin today.

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