Herbal Tea Medicinal Benefits

There are popular herbal teas which contain antioxidants and provide many health benefits. One of the most powerful in antioxidants is the white tea. This tea is picked very young. The buds, before they’ve fully opened, and the very young, delicate leaves. Some white teas are made only from the small buds, no leaves. These produce a higher quality product and tend to be more expensive than the teas with a combination of buds and leaves. Since they’re so delicate, the processing required is less than that of other, more mature teas, which is the reason it retains more valuable antioxidants.

Next in maturity is green tea. This has become a very popular herbal tea. But, it’s been around for years. The Chinese and India cultures have long been using green tea for medicinal purposes. Modern research has shown that consuming green tea reduces the growth of cancer cells, thereby reducing the risk of developing cancer. Black tea is normally the stronger of the teas and contains more caffeine. It’s more oxidized than the white or green teas. Even though green tea has again become popular, black tea is still the preferred tea of the western world. Teas are named for the regions in which they’re grown, such as the well known Darjeeling from India and the Ceylon from Sri Lanka

Often a black tea is blended with other ingredients to produce a certain flavor. For example, Earl Grey is a very popular tea, but it’s not a tea leaf. It’s black tea combined with bergamot oil. The oil is extracted from the bergamot which is a small, sour citrus fruit. Teas can be made from many, many herbs, combined to make a tea for many uses.
A tea specifically developed for a woman’s health contains many natural herbs. Ones that nourish and balance our hormonal system, focusing on the health of the uterus and ovaries. Optimum health of the female reproductive system can be accomplished without chemicals by using this type of tea. Ingredients include red raspberry, red clover tops, sarsaparilla, licorice root, damiana, korean red ginseng, blessed thistle, blue cohosh, dong quai, white oak bark, and chaste tree berries.

The same thing is available for men. A tea specifically developed to address men’s issues. An all natural, extremely powerful blend designed to resolve problems with the male reproductive system. Consistent use of the tea will improve poor sperm quality and low sperm count, reduce the risk of prostate health problems, and improve libido and stamina. It includes many of the same herbs as the blend for women, plus pygeum bark, yohimbe bark, fo-ti, ginger, and lycii berries.

There are herbal blends that make teas for detoxing the body; one with gingko biloba, korean red ginseng, gotu kola, holy thistle, periwinkle, calamus, ginger, and cinnamon that enhances mental and cognitive ability and improves the memory; a blend that maintains and nourishes the nerves and nervous system with valerian, kava kava, lavender, passion flower, lady’s slipper, and cinnamon; and a tea that is a gentle and effective laxative. If there is a condition, there’s an herb that has been used to improve it. Teas are convenient, pleasant, tasty ways to utilize those various herbal remedies.

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