Fruity Tea

Adding fruit to tea may not be for everyone, yet many people like fruit infusion for different flavor effects. There are so many different fruits that can be used individually or by mixing several together. The variety of flavors can almost seem unlimited.

You will still get the good things from drinking tea with a little added vitamin effect from the fruit. Most people seem to infuse the fruit in black and green tea, so why not open up the way for the infusion of fruits in herbal teas. This will probably take some experimenting since some of the tea made from herbs has an odd taste to start with.

Blackberries might mix flavor wise with fennel tea, which has a taste and smell similar to licorice. Perhaps oranges could go well with the mint flavored teas. Everyone has different types of taste so you can create your own special blends, you might come up with a classic.

Always take a delight in discovering a new mixture. Living a life without change leads to stagnation which is hard to break away from. Always keep trying to things, such as making a masterpiece from fruit infused tea.

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