Chamomile Tea

This is a very popular tea with many known health benefits. Some refer it to have a taste similar to honey, making it a good choice for a smooth beverage. Adding a little real honey to it increase the benefits this tea brings you.

Chamomile tea is absent of caffeine and is a great way to boost the quality of your sleeping patterns. No one likes going through a day without having slept good the night before. Try a cup of this warm as you prepare for bed to get a restful sleep which improves a big area of your life.

Relieving symptoms of bloating that is caused by excess gas can be helped along with this tea. A it soothes the stomach it also relaxes the muscles in the intestines which can help you feel better quickly. This is a natural way of treating an upset belly which is much better than antacid tablets, which could cause you to develop future stomach problems.

Controlling the runaway brain can be a challenge sometimes. A lot of unnecessary stress can be created which no one needs. Chamomile tea can help the mind calm down, producing a feeling of ease and peace. This is much better than an out of control brain.

Drinking this tea could also possibly help people control their blood sugar. Some studies have shown it helps with some individuals, that drank one cup a day. This is something you should discuss with your health person, as with any change to your diet, to make sure there is no possible interaction with any medication you might be taking.

Since we are all a little different, these effects might not be noticeable for some people. It is still worth trying out for the flavor, which is quite unique compared to other types of tea.

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